Product Description

A Rabbits Tale LessonLearn how to create The White Rabbit in polymer clay and felt!

Description of Class

You will learn to make your very own beautiful posable White Rabbit. You will learn how to create a beautiful artistic rabbit with movement and character. You will learn my method of needle felting onto a wire armature to make your rabbit more lifelike. After taking you through the art of needle felting with wool roving, I will guide you through the process of sculpting your Rabbit’s face, ears, hands and feet in polymer clay. Included are Basic painting techniques with Genesis paints to create your realistic rabbit, pattern for printing on fabric and creating your very own costume. You will learn safe needle felting techniques and how to make a basic wire armature at the same time. With these mixed media techniques that you add to your skill set, you can create just about anything your imagination will allow.

What You Will Be Doing and Learning in This Class:

  • Safe needle felting techniques
  • Polymer Clay Sculpting techniques * Series Baking for Polymer * How to repair Polymer
  • Painting & Shading * Proportioning your mixed media Creations
  • How to mount your creations * Creating Movement * Attention to detail
  • Bonus: Complete instructions on creating a solid armature to support polymer figures

Step-by-step instructions, supply list and secrets tips and tricks included. Loaded with photos so you can easily see how-to.

Enjoy! ~ Roxanna Maria