Magic Waters


Magic Waters is a full body steam punk style Fairy. She represents a young and beautiful Fairy who was turned to stone by an evil witch. Her wings are made of Filigree metal as her hat and most of her costume. She is kept warm only by the bits of rabbit fur that was gifted to her by the Wood nymph. She has searched and finally found the Magical waters that will bring her back to her human form as she carefully tips her toes into the waters and changes before your eyes. She is an exquisite full body sculpture done in Polymer clay with wire and brass armature. Height is 12″inches tall with beautiful green handmade glass eyes.

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Magic Waters is a Winter Fairy reaching for the human touch through magic waters. She stands 11 inches tall. After having been turned into stone by an evil Witch’s spell. Her wings are filigree with black Swarovski crystals, and her base is the root of an Asian Fir Tree, and the magic water that will break the spell and turn her to human flesh again is resin. I was inspired by the way that some people can be turned into cold stone after the evils of life have touched their hearts and soul. I do believe that the magic of love, represented by the magic waters, can turn that heart of stone to human once more.